playlist „keine schönheit ohne gefahr 12“, 26.7.14, lüneburg

KFC – Ohne Grund

Slow Pulse Boy
Trümmer – Wo ist die Euphorie
Messer – Die kapieren nicht
Privacy//Policy – Drive
The National – Don’t swallow The Cap
Black Marble – The Pretender
Experimental Products – feeling left out

Sisters Of Mercy – Valentine
Soviet Soviet – Human Nature
She Past Away – Belirdi Gece (Musallat)
Keluar – Surface
Joy Division – Digital
Die Nerven – Der letzte Tanzende

Slow Pulse Boy
Frustration – Midlife Crisis
New Days Delay – Vermutlich Hysterisch
Normahl – Trümmertango
The Chameleons – the fan and the bellows
B-Movie – marilyn dreams
Eleven Pond – Watching Trees

Nine Circles – First Miss Love
Linea Aspera – Eviction
Velvet Condom – Poison & Maquillage
Komplikations – Poverty
Einstürzende Neubauten – Yü-Gung

Slow Pulse Boy
Grauzone – Kälte Kriecht
Das Kabinette – The Cabinet
Alien Skull Paint – Fly with me
Die Unbekannten – Radio War
The Cure – Jumping Someone Else’s Train
Exedra – Death disco
Sisters Of Mercy – Walk away

Joy Division – Disorder
Fehlfarben – Grauschleier
Abwärts – Computerstaat
New Model Army – The Hunt
Die Nerven – Nie wieder Scheitern
The Fall – The man whoes head expanded

Slow Pulse Boy
Pixies – WHere is my mind*
The Soiund – Escape myself
Fad Gadget – Collapsing new people
The Normal – TV OD
Esplendor Geometrico – Moscu esta helado
Haus Arafana – Heart Beats blood flows
Polyphonic Size – logione Polygonale
New Dimension – Stuttgart schwarz
Phosphor – one night in rome*

Soap&Skin – Me And The Devil
DSX – Shifted (feat. Zoe Zanias)
Lebanon Hanover – Gallowdance
Sisters Of Mercy – A Rock And A Hard Place
She Past Away – Kasveti Kutlama
Joy Division – Shadowplay
Nichts – Tango 2000
Der KFC – Wie lange noch

Slow Pulse Boy
Fliehende Stürme – Blauer Mond
EA80 – Matatu*
Christian Death – Romeos Distress
Cinema Strange – Greensward grey*
Virgin Prunes – Caucasian Walk
John Foxx – Underpass
Invincible Spirit – Contact*
Psyche – Misery*

Anne Clark – Sleeper In Metropolis*
Dead Kennedys – Holiday In Cambodia
Tuxedomoon – No Tears
Komplikations – Apathy
Ideal – Erschiessen

Slow Pulse Boy
DAF – alle gegen alle
Stratis – herzlos
Welle:Erdball – Monoton + Minimal*
The Cure – Grinding halt
Gang Of four – Damaged Goods
Exploding Boy – 40 Days
Siouxsie & The Banshees – Cities in dust
Visage – Der Amboss*

Scripted Reality
Sisters of mercy – Temple of Love*
Shock Therapy – If everyone Knew
Alien Sex Fiend – I walk the Line
Noblesse Oblige – Jalouse
November Növelet – Dancing Queen
Deine Lakaien – Overpaid
Helium Vola – Selig *

Hunting Lodge – Tribal Warning Shot
Herz Jühning – Anorexia
Einstürzende Neubauten – Hirnlego
Human League – Being Boiled
No More – Suicide Commando *
Lebanon Hanover – Totally Tot

Slow Pulse Boy
Camilla Motor – Rosa video*
Lotus Feed – Second skin
Grauzone – Eisbär*
Malaria – Kaltes klares Wasser
Velvet Condom – Kalter Lippenstift
Depeche Mode – Ice machine
Lene Lovich – Birdsong*

Scripted Reality
Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams
Corey Hart – Sunglasses at Night

RiccoRaw feat Schiwecko vs G.A.S. Hausband – Bullenwagen klaun und die Innenstadt demolieren
The Hellfreaks – Don’t Feed The Models

Scripted Reality
Johnny Cash – Personal Jesus

Einstürzende Neubauten – Keine Schönheit ohne Gefahr

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playlist „5 Jahre unknown pleasures“, 12.7.14

King Dude & Chelsea Wolfe – Bed on Fire
Indians in Moscow – Singing the french
Claps – Across the floor
Iko – Model Type A
Frustation – Blackmail Dying City Remix

Extrabreit – der Führer schenkt den Klonen eine Stadt
Tuxedomoon – what use
Brian Eno – Babies on fire
Pale Saints – Porpois
Papercutz – Disintegration (The Cure-Cover)

Slow Pulse Boy
Rome – The torture Detachtment
Chelsea Wolfe – Feral love
The Devil & the Universe – Parvati’s Lament
Klangstabil – math & emotion
Crystal Castles – Affection

Cold Cave – A little death to laugh
IAMX – Nightlife
Haujobb – Dead market
Tanz ohne Musik – Between your body shapes
Sell System – Ceremony

New Order – truth
Joy Division – colony
Simple Minds – i travel
No More – suicide commando
Siouxsie & the Banshees – red light

Slow Pulse Boy
For Against – Amen Yves
Massendefect – Papierflugzeug
Andre Szigethy – Liebe banal
Ascii Disco – Strassen
The Arch – Ribdancer

She past away – Asimilasyon
Carlos Peron – Dirty song
Eisenfunk – Pong*
Straftanz – Tanz was Dich kaputt macht
Ash Nag – Moata amen

Cirian Harte – love is a stranger
??? – step in time
Fisherspooner – emerge
Depeche Mode – master and servant
The Sound – i can’t escape myself

Slow Pulse Boy
Joy Division – she’s lost control
Cauda Pavonis – Love like broken glass
Christian Death – Romeos distress
The Body Electric – dash 1721
Clan Of Cymox – Back Door*

Chameleons – Second skin*
Lebanon Hanover – Gallowdance
Nun – Evoke the sleep
A blaze color – A means to an end
Portishead – Machinegun

Joy Division – transmission
Interpol – evil
Front 242 – headhunter
Death In Junge – the calling
Trentemoller – moan

Slow Pulse Boy
Austra – Lose It
Blouse – Time travel
Laibach – Tanz mit Laibach*
Haus Arafna – Heart beat blood flows
Invincible Spirit – push*

Fad Gadget – Back to nature
Einstürzende Neubauten – Yü gung*
Pain Station – Domination V3
Fever ray – Keep the street are empty
Poeme Electronique – The echoes fade

Jimi Tenor – take me baby
Sisters of Mercy – dominion mother russia
VNV Nation – chrome
Agent Side Grinder – wolf hour
Kirlian Camera – eclipse
Boytronic – lunar square

Slow Pulse Boy
Electronic Circus – Direct lines*
Trisomie 21 – the last song*
Joy Division – a means to an end
The Cure – hanging garden
Princess Chelsea – The cigarette duet*
Rome – hate us and see if we mind*

Exedra – Death disco
She past away – Rituel
Death in Vegas – Hands around
Acid Pauli – I see the darkness
IF – Space invaders smoking

Grossstadtgeflüster – ich muss gar nix (brich de luv remix)
Abwärts – computerstaat
Ramones – pet sementary (RIP, Ramones!)
Morrisey – irish blood english heart
Fields of the Nephilim – psychonaut

Slow Pulse Boy
Muse – Plug In Baby*
Placebot – the Bitter End
The Lost Rivers – Stay*

Principe Valiente – The son i´ll never be
Charles de goal – Exposition
Paradox Sequenz – Digitale Astronauten

Cristal Castles – crime wave
Modern Eon – childs play
Cosmetics honey honey

Slow Pulse Boy
Hundreds – our past
Nine Circles – what’s there left*

The Rorschach Garden – Stay in line
Spectra Paris – Mad world

Slow Pule Boy
TV Theme Captain Future

* -> Wunsch

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playlist „tainted love“ 21.6.2014, römer

Hier ist die Playlist des gestriges abends. Es war mir ein großes Vergnügen mit euch!

A-HA – The Sun always shines on tv
Buggles – On TV
White Lies – Big TV
Nada Surf – If you leave (OMD Cover)
The National – Pretty in pink (Psychedelic Furs Cover)
Teeel – Space age love song (A Flock Of Seagulls Cover)
Alphaville – Leben ohne ende
Robert Görl – Wind in hair
Markus – Schöne neue Welt
Depeche Mode – Pipline
Black – Everything coming up roses
Secret Service – Falsh in the night
Latin Quarter – Modern times
Talk Talk – Talk Talk
B-Movie – Nowhere Girl
New Order – Everythings gone green
Freezepop – Only you (Yazoo Cover)
Azar Swan – Cruel Summer (Bananrama Cover)
A Flock Of Seagulls – I ran
Duran Duran – Girls on film
Siouxsie and the Banshees – This wheels on fire
New Model Army – No rest
Ideal – Erschießen
Sisters Of Mercy – Alice**
Pink Turns Blue – Michelle
The Cure – Grinding halt**
Bauhaus – The passion of lovers
Depeche Mode – Black celebration**
Anne Clark – Our Darkness
Corey Hart – Sunglasses at night
Yazoo – don’t go
Bronski Beat – Smalltown boy
Alphaville – Big in Japan
No More – Suicide Commando
Joy Division – Love will tear us apart
Wipers – Window Shop for love**
Billy Idol – Dancing with myself
Blondie – Hanging on a telephone
A-HA – Take on me
Madonna – like a prayer
Iggy Pop – the passenger
The Clash – london calling
New Model Army – 51st state
Mando Diao – Black saturday
Kim Wilde – Kids in america
Depeche Mode – never let me down again**
Camouflage – The great commandment
Soft Cell – Tainted Love
Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Relax**
Type O Negative – black no 1**
The B-52s – Planet claire
Nichts – Tango 2000
Ina Deter Band – neue Männer braucht das Land
Cindy Lauper – Girls just want to have fun
Culture Club – Karma Chameleon
Madness – our house
PIL – This is not a love song
Peter Schilling – Major Tom
Rheingold – Dreiklangdimensionen
Men At Work – Down under**
New Order – blue monday
Grauzone – wütendes Glas**
DAF – verschwende deine Jugend
Fehlfarben – Gottseidank nicht England
The Cure – Killing an arab*
Joy Division – Disorder*
Men Without Hats – Safety dance**
Dead Or Alive – You spin me round
Boytronic – You
Profil – Berühren**
Billy Idol – White wedding**
Sisters of Mercy – Marian
Bauhaus – Ziggy stardust*
Phillip Boa – And then she kissed her*
The Smiths – Ask
Roxette – How do you do*
Depeche Mode – Photographic (Some Bizarre Mix)**
OMD – Electricity
The Cure – In between days**
Gary Numan – Are friends electric
Michael Jacksons – Bad*
Alien Sex Fiend – I walk the line**
Second Layer – Court of war**
Human League – Being boiled
Real Life – Send me an angel
Rainbirds – Blueprint
The Police – So lonely
Madness – One step beyond
The Specials – A message to you rudy
Visage – Fade to grey**
Das Kabinette – the cabinet
Camilla Motor – Rosa video
Solid Space – 10th planet**
The Chameleons – Second skin**
The Mission – Like a hurricane*
David Bowie – Suffragette city
Gang Of Four – Damaged goods
Birthday Party – Release the bats**
Phillip Boa – Love on sale**
Body Electric – Dash 1721**
Velvet Condom – Samt und stein**
Lebanon Hanover – Your fork moves
Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx – Nightcall
Joachim Witt – Tri tra trullala
Franz Beckenbauer – gute Freunde kann niemand trennen

* -> EIn Song von der Band wurde gewünscht
** -> Genau dieser Song der Band wurde gewünscht

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playlist „salon noir – the interzone-edition – “ feat. dj dave, 14.6.2014

Slow Pulse Boy
Joy Division – Interzone
Dial M For Murder – oh no
Die Art – Das Schiff
Messer – Neonlicht
Die Caprifischer – wir flieh’n für einen Tag

O. Children – ruins
She Wants Revenge – What I Want
Eagulls – Tough Luck
The Fall – Blindness
Carter USM – After The Watershed
Long Blondes – Once And Never Again

Slow Pulse Boy
Lush – Hypocrite
The Primitives – I’ll stick with you
Pale Saints – Time Thief
Selebrities – Living Dead
The Cult – She sells Sanctuary

Fields Of The Nephilim – Chord Of Souls
Holograms – Monolith
A Place To Bury Strangers – Worship
Soft Moon – Insides
Velvet Condom – Never Ever
Eleven Pond – Watching Trees

Slow Pulse Boy
Linea Aspera – Lamanai
Hundresds – Our Past
XTR Human – Millers Love
The Exploding Boy – Always
Depeche Mode – The Meaning of love
Alien Skull Paint – Fly with me
The Cure – The Walk
Super Heroines – Children of the light (w)

Tom Vek – Sherman
Die Goldenen Zitronen – Scheinwerfer und Lautsprecher
Grauzone – Wütendes Glas
Joy Division – Walked In Line
Siouxsie And The Banshees – Hong Kong Garden
The Organ – Brother
Pink Turns Blue – I Coldly Stare Out (w)
Soft Cell – Bedsitter

Slow Pulse Boy
Trisomie 21 – the last song
B-Movie – nowhere girl
Light Asylum – Dark Allies
Monomen – Drum of glass (w)
Mando Diao – Black Saturday
The Cure – Play for today (w)
Tuxedomoon – No Tears (w)
Cabaret Voltaire – Nag nag nag

Suicide – Ghost Rider
Gary Numan – Cars
Q Lazzarus – Good Bye Horses
Human League – Being Boiled
Dave Ball – In Strict Tempo
Sex Beat – Sex beat
Gun Club – Sex Beat
Killing Joke – Love like blood
Neon Judgement – TV Treated

Slow Pulse Boy
Lebanon Hanover – Totally tot (w)
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry – Talking about the weather (w)
Siouxsie & The Banshees – Melt (w)
Diva Destruction – The broken Ones
She Past Away – Kasvetli Kutlama
Northern Lite – My Pain (w)

Smiths – Stop me if you think….
Editors – Munich
Einstürzende Neubauten – Haus der Lüge (w)
Nine Inch Nails – Terrible Lie
Skinny Puppy – Assimilate
The Creatures – Exterminating Angel

Slow Pulse Boy
Silke Bischoff – Under your skin (w)
Anne Clark – Sleeper in Metropolis
The Cramps – Human Fly
The B-52s – Planet Claire
The Clash – London Calling
Joy Division – Disorder
Das Bierbeben – Dunkle Tage (w)
Grauzone – Schlachtet

UV Pop – Serious
The Sound – I Can´t Escape Myself
Ciaran Harte – Love Is Strange
Gerard McMann – Cry Little Sister
Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx – Nightcall
Depeche Mode – World In My Eyes
Nitzer Ebb – Getting Closer
New Order – Blue Monday

Slow Pulse Boy
Haus Arafna – Heart beats blood flows
Suicide Commando – see you in hell (w)
Sisters Of Mercy – Temple of Love /w)
Woodkid – Rund boy run (w)
Virgin Prunes – Baby turns blue
Nick Cave – The Mercy seat

Portishead – Machine Gun (w)

Slow Pulse Boy
College – A real hero

Snowy Red – Madman

Slow Pulse Boy
Billy Bragg – A New England
Sesamstraße – Mah na mah na

(w) = Wunsch

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playlist „23. wave gotik treffen @ pamanoke“, leipzig

Slow Pulse Boy
Red Temple Spirits – Lost in Dreaming
Big Electric Cat – Orchid dreaming
Fear Condition – Dreaming of tunnels
System 5G – You only dreaming
Sixth June – Whats there left
Snowy Red – Euroshima
Polyphonic Size – Nagasaki mon amour
Jeff and Jane Hudson – los alamos
Human League – Circus of Death
Simple Minds – someone somewhere in summertime
Asylum Party – someone else
Fear Cult – Drop dead
Love & Rockets – Mirror people
Flesh for Lulu – I go grazy
Dali’s Car – His box
Twilight Ritual – I never called you a dream
Click Click – She can
Dada – Age of confusion
Neon – Dark age
A Flock Of Seagulls – Messengages


Marc + Slow Pulse Boy
Hjördis-Britt Åström – Desire
Clan Of Xymox – stranger
Siouxsie & The Banshees – cities in dust
Frank The Baptist – singing off
X-Mal Deutschland – Polarlicht
Cauda Pavonis – love like broken glass
Ghost Dance – Last Train
Zero Zero – glasherz
FSK – was kostet die welt*


The KVB – Hands
B-Movie – Nowhere Girl
Pink Turns Blue – Walking On Both Sides
Alien Sex Fiend – Dead & Burried
Nicole Sabouné – Unseen Footage From A Forthcoming Funeral
Contre Jour – Paris 2052
1000 Ohm – A.G.N.E.S.
Hysterica Passio – Grey Over Life
Divider – Cold Eyes
X-Mal Deutschland – Qual (12“ Mix)
The Wake – English Rain

Data Bank A – Radioactivity
Magazine – Shot by Both Sides
The Horatii – Darrel & Alicia
The Sound – Sense of Purpose
Comsat Angels – Missing in Action
The Bellwether Syndicate – The Night Watch
Screaming Marionettes – Like Christabel
Asmodi Bizarr – Spin the Wheel
Low Factor – I’ll Turn Ego


Slow Pulse Boy
Oto – anyway*
Body Electric – dash 1721*
Joy Division – Warsaw
Deep Eynde – Suicide
United Balls – Pogo in Togo*
Ideal – Erschießen
The Cure – Jumping some else’s train
Bauhaus – Lagartija nick
Frustration – Dying city
She Past Away – Ruh

The Soft Moon – Breathe the Fire

Schonwald – Mercurial
Lebanon Hanover – Sadness is Rebellion
Vierance – Athen Cries
Sixth June – Never leave me
The Devil & The Universe – The Pilgrim Regress
Tones On Tail – Performance
Joy Division – Disorder
Low Sunday Ghost Machine – So far away

Gary Numan – Me! I Disconnect from You (live)
Clair Obscur – Froh
Cold in Berlin – Destruction
The Dresden Dolls – Girl Anachronism
X-mal Deutschland – Augen-Blick (req)
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry – Beating My Head
Gang of Four – Damaged Goods
DIIV – Doused
The Chameleons – The Fan and the Bellows
Dog Detachment – Secrets


Slow Pulse Boy
DAF – Der Räuber und der Prinz
Keluar – Ennoa
Kirlian Camera – Blue room*
Sisters of Mery – Alice
Sexbeat – Sexbeat
Tones On Tail – go!
II. Invasion – Graue Katzen*
Billy Idol – Dancing with myself*
Ramones – Pet sematary
Eleven Pond – Watching trees

The Electronic Circus – Direct Lines
Posterboy Machine – La Danse
All Gone Dead – Newspeak
Circuit 7 – Video Boys
Class Action – Blast Off
November Növelet – Magic
Alive She Died – The First Night
Cinema 90 – In Ultra Violet
Attiki – Victoria

Circuit 7 – Video Boys
Charles de Goal – Insight
The Sound – Total Recall (live) (req)
Ancien Régime – No Lights in the Elevator
Skeletal Family – Ritual
Götterdämmerung – Good Things
All Gone Dead – Vivid Still Beating (req)
Red Zebra – Agent Orange
Joy Division – A Means to an End
Tanit – Can an Actor Bleed?
Low Factor – Frozen

Slow Pulse Boy
IKO – digital delight
Solitude FX – promides we made*
Schmaalhans Weltraum – montagne du boef

Acid Pauli feat. J.Cash – I see a dark(er)ness
Tropic Of Cancer – More Alone
Schonwald – Sacred Hearts
Deathrowradio – Big Wow

Slow Pulse Boy
The Soft Moon – dead love
Spizzenergie – Soldier Soldier
The Normal – t.v. o.d.
Burlesque – collusion of sex

Second Layer – Courts Or Wars
The Cure – One Hundred Years
Minuit Machine – Ego

Slow Pulse Boy
Desire – under your spell
Fever Ray – keep the streets empty for me
Die Unbekannten – Radio war

Peter Murphy – Cuts you up
Slowdive – When the sun hits

Slow Pulse Boy
Silicon Teens – sunflight
Kate Bush – Cloudbusting

Sex Dream – Tundra

Slow Pulse Boy
Vomito Negro – feel the heat
TV Theme Addams Family

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playlist „keine schönheit ohne gefahr“, 16.5.14, anna & arthur

Joy Division – Shadowplay
Alien Sex Fiend – Hurricane Fighter Plane
She Past Away – Bozbulan K
Lebanon Hanover – Gallowdance

Slow Pulse Boy
Fliehende Stürme – Das Chaos brütet*
Abwärts – Computerstaat*
DAF – als wärs das letzte Mal
November Növelet – Magic*
Norma Loy – Romance*

Scripted Reality
Recopilatorio – Ping Pong
Bobby and Synthia – Video Violence
G-Spot – Idle Worship
Invincible Spirit – Push
Liasons Dangereuses – Los Ninos del Parque

DSX – Shifted (feat. Zoe Zanias)
Nine Circles – Twinkling stars
Sisters Of Mercy – Nine While Nine
Lebanon Hanover – Totally Tot
Der KFC – Wie lange noch?

Slow Pulse Boy
Tones On Tail – performance*
Форум – Давайте Созвонимся*
Body Electric – Dash 1721
Kein Mensch – kein Mensch*
Bauhaus – lagartija nick
The Cure – Plastic passion
Phosphor – one night in rome*

Haus Arafna – All I Can Give
Soap&Skin – Me And The Devil
The Stranglers – Nice n’Sleazy*
New Model Army – I Love This World
Xmal Deutschland – Inkubus Succubus II

Scripted Reality
Der Plan – Deutschland bleiche Mutter
Beta Evers – Foreign Control
Pankow – Beine von Doloris
DAF – Kinderzimmer
Welle Erdball – Arbeit adelt *
Zombie Girl – The Darkness (Komor Kommando Remix)

Slow Pulse Boy
Moata Omen – Ash nazg
Einstürzende Neubauten – Haus der Lüge
Fad Gadget – collapsing new people
Corey Hart – sunglasses at night*
Psyche – Misery*

Lene Lovich – Bird Song*
Joy Division – Disorder
Tuxedomoon – No Tears
Ideal – Erschiessen
The Undertones – Teenage Kicks
The Fall – The Man Whose Head Expanded*

Scripted Reality
Palais Schaumburg – Wir bauen eine neue Stadt
Front – Polaroid
Rheingold – Fluss
Visage – Fade to grey
Eurythmics – sweet dreams

Slow Pulse Boy
Depeche Mode – Ice machine
Fever Ray – Keep the streets empty for me
Soft Cell – Sex Dwarf*
The Normal – warm leatherette
The Exploding Boy – heart of glass*
Lebanon Hanover – sand*

Haus Arafna – Heart Beats Blood Flows
Herz Jühning – Anorexia
Einstürzende Neubauten – Hirnlego*
Dead Kennedys – Holiday In Cambodia
Bärchen und die Milchbubis – Jung kaputt spart Altersheime
Nichts – Tango 2000
Anne Clark – Sleeper In Metropolis

Scripted Reality
Sara Noxx – Colder and colder
Foyer des Arts – Komm in den Garten
Der künftige Musikant – Kein und Abel
Jim Grey – I can see in the Dark
Mono für Alle – Amoklauf *
Shock Therapy – I´m so Sick
OMD – Enola Gay

Slow Pulse Boy
The Cure – Jumping someone else’s train
Sisters – adrenchrome
Violent Femmes – blister in the sun

Cramps – Human Fly
New Model Army – The Hunt
RiccoRaw fest. Schiwecko vs G.A.S. Hausband – Bullenwagen klaub und die Innenstadt demolieren

Slow Pulse Boy
Die Lustigen Kürbisse – müde bananas
Funny van Dannen – Menschenverachtende Untergrundmusik

Einstürzende Neubauten – keine Schönheit ohne Gefahr
Modena City Ramblers – Modina’s Bella Ciao

* = Wunsch

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playlist unknown pleasures, 9.5.14, mensa academia

Test Department – (?)
Faith and the muse – She waits by the well

Slow Pulse Boy
King Dude & Chelsea Wolfe – Be free
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio – in high heels trough nights of broken glass
The Brian Jonestown Massacre – food for clouds
The Cure – kyoto song
Soft Kill – death in the family

Kontravoid – Cut to cleanse
Mecano – Biesprizornye
Faith and the muse – Sovereign
For against – Amen yves

Joy Division – digital
Sisters Of Mercy – valentine
Nine Circles – miss love
Linea Aspera – eviction
DSX – demoniac (feat. Emily Steigerwald)

Slow Pulse Boy
Youth Code – keep falling apart
Noi Kabat – make room make room
XTR Human – Millers love
The National – Bloodbuzz ohio
Hundreds – our past

AvonRim – Ferienzeit (Massendefect RMX)
VNV Nation – Control
Autodafeh – Retro Electric (Abby Mix)
The Juggernauts – Phoenix (melted)
Haus Arafna – Für immer

Herz Jühning – anorexia
Einstürzende Neubauten – hirnlego
Velvet Condom – kilter lippenstift (in death it ends remix)
Absolute Body Control – surrender no resistance (millimetric mix)

Slow Pulse Boy
Tok Tok vs. Soffy O. – Day of mine
Austra – Lose it
I-F- Spaceinvaders smoking grass
Anne Clark – self destruct
Grauzone – Träume mit mir

B-Movie – Nowhere Girl
The Cure – A Forest
Lebanon Hannover – Gallowdance
A blaze color – A means to an end
Klangstabil – You may start
The Weathermen – poison

Portishead – machine gun*
Nine Circles – twinkling stars
Haus Arafna – heart beats blood flows
Hunting Lodge – tribal warning shot
Soap&Skin – me and the devil

Slow Pulse Boy
Deine Lakaien – Return*
Invincible Spirit – push
Body Electric – dash 1721
Soft Cell – Metro MRX*
Schwefel – Metropolis*
Sisters – Alice
IAMX – i come with knives

Death in Vegas – Hands around my throat
She past away – Rituel
Project Pitchfork – Lam-bras
Nitzer Ebb – Kiss kiss bang bang
Spetnaz – Apathy
Eisenfunk – Pong
Light Asylum – Dark Allies

She Past Away – kasvetli kutlama
Joy Division – disorder
New Model Army – i love the world
Ideal – erschiessen
Bauhaus – in the flat field

Slow Pulse Boy
Fields – for her light*
Frustration – too many questions
Soma Sema – artificial heart
Chvrches – lies*
Lebanon Hanover – totally tot
DAF – kebabträume*

Muhammar – Touch el arab
Paradox Sequenz – Digitale Astronauten
Trisomie 21 – Last Song
Click Click – Rotorbabe
Absolute Body Control – Give me your hands

KiEw – unter dem grund (underground version)
Anne Clark – sleeper in metropolis
Human League – being boiled

Slow Pulse Boy
Linea Aspera – Malarone*
Witt – tri tra trullala*
Fliehende Stürme – blauer mond

The Exploding Boys – Torn
Creatures – Externinating Angel
Noisex – Da ist Elektro

DAF – als wärs das letzte mal
Der KFC – wie lange noch
The Undertones – teenage kicks

Slow Pulse Boy
Goldfrapp – fly me away*
Silicon Teens – Sunflight*
Guerre Froide – demain berlin

Depeche Mode – Ice machine
Brandy Kills – Stranger
Princess Chelsea – The cigarette Duet

DSX – shifted (feat. Zoé Zanias)
Nichts – tango 2000

Slow Pulse Boy
Grauzone – der weg zu zweit
Röyksopp – what else is there

PJ Harvey – Down by the water
The Capricorns – Pretty Girls

November Növelet – magic
Haus Arafna – All i can give

Slow Pulse Boy
Woodkid – Conquest of spaces

Jet Sky – Bullenwagen klaub und die Innenstadt demolieren

* Wunsch

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playlist black easter (interzone + gloomy sunday), 20.4., römer

Sisters of Mercy – Afterhours
Batzz in the Belfri – Sapphire
Covenant – Winter comes
ASSS – Non believers
Second Planet – Absolute zero

Action Pact – Gothic Party Time
Alternet Images – Dead Pop Stars
Devotchka – Venus in Furs
The Cure – Plastic Passion

Slow Pulse Boy
Vampire Weekend – A punk
Weekend – Sirens
Clan Of Xymox – A day
Sixth June – Back for a day
The Cure – Play for today

Siouxie and the banshees – Kaleisdocope
Love is colder than death – Wild world*
Laibach – Eurovision
Kommando – Afron plans
Fischerspooner – Emerge

Praga Khan – Tausend Sterne
Mecanique Rytmique – Extase
KasProduct – Man of Time
Depeche Mode – Sometimes
Grimes – Ari

Slow Pulse Boy
Danse Society – Heaven is waiting
Die Form – A bite of god
Dive – Your god
November Növelet – Magic

Paradox Sequenz – Digitale Astronauten
Combiechrist – This shit will fuck you up
Blackhouse – Answers for you
Haus Arafna – Für immer
Position Parallele – Passe par ici

Lakobeil – The Hunter
Defekt86 – Meine Haut
Vive la Fete – Une par une
Foyer des Arts – Komm in den Garten
Einstürzende Neubauten – Haus der Lüge

Slow Pulse Boy
Fad Gadget – Collapsing new people
The Normal – Warm leatherette
Force Dimension – Carcinome*
DAF – Der Mussolini
Joy Division – Disorder

Lebanon Hannover – Gallowdance*
She past away – Rituel
Dataset – Formation ten ( Daniel Miller Mix)
Frustation – So tired
Sol Invictus – Black easter

Placebo – I feel you
The Kills – Alphabet Pony
Vosef K. – Sorry for Laughing
Grendel – Casanova

Slow Pulse Boy
Cauda Pavonis – Love like broken glas*
Chaos Z – Ein Tropfen im Feuer*
Welle:Erdball – Arbeit Adelt*
Depeche Mode – Photographic*
Boytronic – you

Nichts – Tango 2000
Der Fluch – Werwolf
Chameleons – Second Skin
PAL – Gelöbnis
Moata Amen – Ash nag
Portishead – Machinegun*

Xiu Xiu – Stupid in the church
DAF – Sato Sato
Le Tigre – Deceptucon
Die Radierer – Angriff aufs Scharaffenland
Princess Chelsea – The cigarett Duet

Slow Pulse Boy
The Knife – Heartbeats
Austra – Beat and the pulse
Front 242 – Headhunter
Crüxshadows – Deception*

Creatures – Exterminating angel
Project Pitchfork – Souls
Malaria – Kaltes klares Wasser
Virgin Prunes – Caucasian Walk
New Model Army – Horsemen

La Nouvelle Vague Experience – My fish is a fender
Chelsea Wolfe – Desctruction makes the world burn brighter
The Cure – Last dance

Slow Pulse Boy
Heather Nova – Gloomy Sunday
Soap & Skin – Me and the devil

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playlist unknown pleasures-floor in der dete, 29.3.14

Slow Pulse Boy:
Light Asylum – shallow tears
Distel – puur
Future Islands – wave like home
Dada – age of confusion
Deux – sex and trouble

B-Movie – Nowhere girl
For against – The effect
Derniere Volonte – Le poison
Remain in silence – Hope in fear
Ladytron – True mathematics
Little computer people – Little computer people
Ascii disko – Strassen

Slow Pulse Boy:
Front 242 – circling overland
Rome – wir götter der stadt
Cult of Youth – Lorelei
King Dude & Chelsea Wolfe – be free
Skeleton Hands – Ravage
The Soft Moon – dead love

Soft skin – Cosmetics
Rorschach garden – State protection
New Order – Ceremony
2vm – Bodyline
Crosses – This is a trick
Frustation – So tired

Slow Pulse Boy:
Lescop – Le Vent
Agent Side Grinder – Wolf Hour*
Fad Gadget – Back to nature
Siouxsie – Peek-a-boo
Escape With Romeo – Somebody

Position Parallele – Passe par ici
New Dimension – Stuttgard schwarz
Nitzer Ebb – Let your body learn
Spetnaz – Apathy
Avom Rim – Ferienzeit ( Massendefect RMX)
Experimental Products – Feeling left out

Slow Pulse Boy:
Second Decay – I hate berlin*
Welle:Erdball – deine Augen
DAF – Als wärs das letzte Mal
X-Mal Deutschland – Schwarze Welt*
The Cure – the hanging garden
Lebanon Hanover – Gallowdance

She past away – Ritual
Deine Lakaien – Colour- Ize*
Acid Paul – I see you in darkness
The Normal – warm leatherette
Absolute Body Control – Final Report
Moata Amen – Ash nag

Slow Pulse Boy:
Marita Schreck – Kriegsspiele
IAMX – I come with knives
The Knife – silent shout*
Joy Division – she’s lost control
The B 52s – Planet claire
Virgin Prunes – Baby turns blue

Exedra – Death Disco v.2.0
Muhammar – Touch el arab
Motorama – Anchor
A blaze color – A means to an end
Portishead – Machinegun
Feather Ray – Keep the streets are empty
Brandy Kills – The path (pt. 1 Cult )

Slow Pulse Boy:
Depeche Mode – Black celebration
The Cure – The Walk
Bauhaus – Lagaritija Nick
Christian Death – Romeos Distress*
Fliehende Stürme – Trümmergemüt*
Einstürzende Neubauten – Hirnlego*

Haus Arafna – Für immer
Herzinfakt – Wir trauen uns was
If – Space invaders are smoking
The Actor – Deutsches Mädchen
Camilla Motor – Auf der Fuchsjagd
Austra – Lose it

Slow Pulse Boy:
Goldfrapp – Fly me away*
Noi Kabat – Make room! Make room!
Informatics – Proximity Switch
Alesia Cosmos – the last line*
The Chameleons – second skin*

Silicon Teens – Sunflight
Molly Nilson – I hope you die

Slow Pulse Boy:
Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx – Nightcall
Soap & Skin – Me and the devil

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